City of Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Boards & Authorities

Zoning Hearing Board
Meets third Tuesday of each month at 6:30
Name Title Term Expires
Shawn Pilla1/2018
Jami Cross1/2019
Denise Higbee1/2017
Carl Ritenour1/2016
Cecilia Driscoll1/2015
Pam Rosestenographer
Planning Commission
Meets first Tuesday of each month at 7:00
Name Title Term Expires
Brent Rockwell1/2020
Denise White1/2018
Nick Tzan1/2018
Widmer EngineeringCity Engineer
Carmine Molinaro, Jr.Board Solicitor
Board of Health
Fourth Monday of each month at 6:45
Name Title Term Expires
Tom CurreyHealth Officer
James McIntire DCCouncil Member1/2017
Lucille King4/2016
Dale Cadwallader4/2019
Johanna Harden1/2017
Dr. James Mcintire4/2018
Dave Waggett1/2015
Jessica OhlerSecretary
Police Civil Service
Name Title Term Expires
Vinny Traynor1/2020
Jesse Eutsey1/2016
Barbara Mongell1/2017
Redevelopment Authority
Meets 3rd Mondayof each month at 7:00 PM
Name Title Term Expires
Geno Gallo1/2017
Marilyn Weaver1/2019
Leigh Ann Lincoln1/2020
Joe Mancuso1/2016
Robert Flockovich1/2018
Connellsville Housing Authority
Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM
Name Title Term Expires
Carol Staines
Teri Hirko1/2020
Harold Hartz1/2018
Bruce Jaynes1/2017
Charlie Mills1/2019
Gary Barker1/2016
Municipal Authority
Name Title Term Expires
Norma Cindric1/2017
Walter Scheller1/2014
Pat Duncan1/2020
Rod Gunderson1/2016
Jodi Enany1/2018
Ronn Hall1/2019
Board of Directors Carnegie Free Library
Name Title Term Expires
John A. MalonePresident
Don GrenaldoVice President
Sharon RendineSecretary
Lewis FaltonTreasurer
Bill Stoots
Susan Jane Sandusky
Bill Wilson
Tim Witt
Chris Wallander
James L. DuncanSchool District Member
Gary WandelSchool District Member
John MaddasDunbar Borough
Dave PetroneResident12-31-2015
Blaine Brooks12-31-2015
Traffic Committee
Name Title Term Expires
Greg LincolnMayor1/2018
George KosiskoPublic Works Foreman
Brian BurdenState Police (R)
Bill HammerlePolice Chief
Tom KarpiakDirector of Streets1/2017
John IrwinState Police
James Limbo1/2012
Fire Fighter Civil Service Board
Name Title Term Expires
Carl HelinskyCurrent
Jeff LaytonCurrent
Senior Citizen Board of Directors
Name Title Term Expires
Robert McLuckey1/2014
Buddy Barrett1/2015
Joe Ambrose1/2016
Pastor Don Smith1/2014
Ralph Stinner1/2018
Shade Tree Commission
Name Title Term Expires
David McIntire1/2016
Paul Whipkey1/2018
David Stupka1/2017
Linda Galiardi1/2019
Scott Felgar1/2020
Pension Board
Name Title Term Expires
Greg LincolnMayor1/2018
George Geletko (R)Fire Dept
Ethan KeedyDirector of Accounts/Finance1/2021
Bill HammerlePolice Chief
Anthony Cataldi (R)Police Dept
VacantPolice Dept
Nicholas Stasia (R)Police Dept
Police Auxiliary
Name Title Term Expires
Edward YounkinChief
James DeanCaptain
Greg LincolnMayor
Bill HammerlePolice Chief
William Bryner
Bonnie Bryner
Charles Sigwalt
Mary Sigwalt
Leslie Hart
Gregory Pritts, Jr.
Kelly Linko
John Linko
James Morgart
David Morgart
John O'Neil
Susan O'Neil
Joshua Watson
Joseph Adams
Barry Booker
Patty Barnhart
Connellsville Community Center Board Members
Name Title Term Expires
Melissa Brown TzanDirector of Parks and Public Buildings1/2021
Lori KosiskoAdministrative Contractor
Gary BarkerMaintenance Contractor
Brooke Deason1/2020
Gary G. Colatch1/2018
Angela LaRosa Hamman1/2021
Dolores Tissue1/2017
Larry Herman1/2019
Recreation Board: 5 Year Term - First Monday of every month at 6 PM
Name Title Term Expires
Melissa Brown Tzan Director of Parks and Public Buildings1/2021
George Kosisko Ex-Officio
Travis Henry 1/2015
Mike McKitrick 1/2015
Beth Burd 1/2016
Mikki McMullen 1/2019
Jacinta Stout Ptacek1/2017
Matthew Ptacek1/2019
Dan MartucciAppointed by School District
Francis MongellAppointed by School District
Non-Voting MemberslDavid Reed, Sarah Guynn, Stephen Ritenour, Andrea Lawden, Leanne Triggs, Bob Topper, Deanna Richter, Ashley Bailey

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