Community Center for rent

The Community Center has rooms available for lease. There is office space available and ready to move into immediately. Or, you may just need storage space, which is also available.

Besides office/storage spaces, don’t forget the Center has a variety of other options available to you. There’s the gymnasium, for leagues or groups that just want to play some basketball or volleyball, or any other recreation you may have in mind, maybe yoga or aerobics classes. We’ll work with you on your schedule. Spring is just around the corner, so if interested, call now because the calendar is filling up.

There’s the newly-renovated auditorium, (which is gorgeous, by the way), where you can schedule plays, comedians, bands, etc, there was even a class reunion held in the auditorium (why not, this group actually went to school here!!). This could be used as a fund raiser for your group, we’ll rent it to you and you get to take home all the profits!

Don’t let its’ age scare you away, renovations have been made to the heating system and an elevator was added public use. The building is handicap accessible and parking is free. And, the price won't break your budget.

Still not sure yet? Call Lori at the Community Center, at 724-626-0300. She can show you around the property and answer any questions you may have. Or call City Hall at 724-628-2020, ext. 200 and talk to City Clerk.