Voting Wards Changed

Voting Ward Changes

Effective April 1, 2014, the Voting Wards for the City of Connellsville have changed. The City now has only four voting wards, not six. Wards 1 and 5 have been combined, and this is now Ward 1. Wards 2 and 3 have combined and is now Ward 2. Ward 4 will now be called Ward 3 and Ward 6 is now Ward 4.

Ward 1 voting will take place at Calvary Assembly of God, 1316 S Pittsburgh Street, Connellsville.

Ward 2 voting will take place at the East Side Fire Station, 200 North Arch Street, Connellsville. Please note that voting will now be taking place ‘upstairs’ and not in the basement. This allows easier access for voters.

Ward 3 voting will take place in the Connellsville Community Center, 201 East Fairview Avenue, Connellsville.

Ward 4 voting will take place at the New Haven Hose Company Fire Station, Connellsville.