City of Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Public Safety

For police dispatch, fire, or medical assistance, DIAL 911.
If outside of the immediate area, (724) 628-2501.

The Director of Public Safety is directly responsible for the day to day supervision of the Fire Department. The Mayor Greg Lincoln is directly responsible for the day to day supervision of the Police Department.

Police Department
Name Title Phone
Greg LincolnMayor(724) 628-2020 x203
Capitos, JamesPolice Chief(724) 628-2020 x100
Shaffer, StevenCaptain(724) 628-2020 x114
Jaynes, KennethDetective(724) 628-2020 x151
Sherbinsky, DannySergeant(724) 628-2020 x156
Wissler, DanielSergeant(724) 628-2020 x157
Hammerle, WilliamCorporal(724) 628-2020 x102
James, JohnCorporal(724) 628-2020 x158
Huss, WilliamOfficer(724) 628-2020 x150
Ruff, PatrickOfficer(724) 628-2020 x153
Patton, ThomasOfficer(724) 628-2020 x160
Harvey, BrianOfficer(724) 628-2020 x152
Connors, BrianOfficer(724) 628-2020 x159
Hominsky, AndyOfficer(724) 628-2020 x152
Kendi, BryanOfficer(724) 628-2020 x151
Stokes, MichaelOfficer(724) 628-2020 x 155
Brooks, JaninePolice Secretary(724) 628-2020 x106
Police Dispatch(724) 628-2020 x110
City of Connellsville
Police Department
110 North Arch Street
Connellsville, PA 15425
Phone: (724) 628-2501
Fax: (724) 626-5992
Fire Department
Name Title Phone
Director of Public Safety

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