2015 Pickup Days for Recycling

Recycling is scheduled to be picked up two (2) days a month. Below is a schedule of the recycling pickup for the 2015 calendar year. Advanced Disposal (formerly "Veolia") collects the recycling during the second full workweek of the month, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pickup during recycling week will depend on the Ward you live in:

Please keep in mind that the Elections Bureau of Fayette County has reduced the number of Wards in the City, from 6 wards to 4 wards. Wards 1 and 5 have been combined, and is now Ward 1. Wards 2 and 3 have combined and is now Ward 2. Ward 4 is now Ward 3 and Ward 6 is now Ward 4. As of yet, the City has not 'created' a map showing the new wards, but you can look at the old Ward map (under Customer Services) to check and see what your previous Ward number was.

Tuesday is Wards 2 and 3; Wednesday is Wards 1 and 4.

The regular trash collection days for the year will be every Wednesday.

2015 Recycling Pickup Days
Tuesday Pickup
Wards 2, and 3
Wednesday Pickup
Wards 1 and 4
January 13th January 14th
February 10th February 11th
March 10th March 11th
April 14th April 15th
May 12th May 13th
June 9th June 10th
July 14th July 15th
August 11th August 12th
September 15th September 16th
October 13th October 14th
November 10th November 11th
December 15th December 16th

Recognized holidays are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Collection will be one (1) day late should a holiday fall prior to or on the scheduled collection day. If the holiday is observed during the weekend or is not one of the above listed holidays trash service will not be affected.