Street Sweeping

Equipment and Operation

  • The City of Connellsville currently has one (1) street sweeper unit. It runs at a maximum of three (3) miles per hour in the sweeping mode.
  • At times it is necessary for the operator of the sweeper to make three or four passes over the same area to do a complete through job of removing the debris left from an extreme winter.

Street Sweeping Schedule
Monday AM Monday PM
West Crawford Ave.
1st St. thru 7th St.
Torrance St.
Meason Ave.
Leisenring Ave.
Marietta Ave.
North 10th thru 12th
Banning Ave.
Maple St.
West Green St.
South 10th thru 13th
Prince St.
High St.
Queen St.
King St.
Duke St.
Schley St.
Greenwood Blvd.
Lawn Ave.
Sampson St.
Beech St.
Graham St.
Tuesday AM Tuesday PM
S. Pittsburgh St.
S. Arch St.
Woodlawn St.
Austin Ave.
Davidson Ave.
Newmyer Ave.
Patterson Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Washington Ave.
Green St.
Morton Ave
Aetna St.
Race St.
Vine St.
Lincoln Ave.
Sycamore St.
Wednesday AM Wednesday PM
Chestnut St.
Oak St.
Buckeye St.
Isabella Rd.
Gallatin Ave.
South St.
Stahls Square
Baldwin Ave.
Carnegie Ave.
Trump Ave.
Wills Rd.
Van Buren Drive
Angle St.
Penn St.
Jefferson St.
Blackstone Ave.
Franklin Ave.
Perry St.
Locust St.
Willow St.
Olive St.
Campbell Ave.
Cherry St.
Pearl St.
Fairview Ave.
Hill St.
Thursday AM Thursday PM
E. Crawford Ave.
Snyder St.
Robbins St.
Cemetery St.
Eliza St.
Frisbee Circle
Davis St.
Ogden St.
Park St.
Freeman Lane
Queen St.
Gibson Ave.
Madison Ave.
Stephens St.
Edna St.
Penn St.
Peter St.
Murphy Ave.
E. Fayette St.
Apple St.
Collins At.
Haas Ave.
Jefferson St.
Peach St.
Prospect St.
N. Cottage Ave.
N. Carnegie Ave.
Pulaski St.
Francis Ave.
N. Ninth St.
Friday AM
Downtown Area
W. Gibson Ave.
W. Murphy Ave.
Johnson Ave.
Highland Ave.
York Ave.
Association St.
Cummings Ave.
Connell Ave.
North Ave.
McCormick Ave.